5 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Summertime for the majority of people means swimming pools, beach cricket, and barbeques. However, there are days when the intense summer heat isn’t as enjoyable, and turning on the air conditioning at home seems to be your only choice. 

At that time, everyone definitely wants to maintain the temperature of their homes. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for affordable summertime cooling solutions for your home! So, check out the five major tips and tricks that can help you stay cool during summer.

Clean Your AC Filters Frequently

In the summer, the only thing that could make your home cooler faster is having an air conditioner. If your air conditioner isn’t operating as it used to, it’s time to replace the air filters. A blocked or filthy air filter forces your air conditioner to work harder and influences the quality of your indoor air. 

This will not only cause allergies and poor heating, but it will also raise your electric costs. So, you need to consider ac repair, including the cleaning of air filters every 2 weeks and replacing them every 4 months as a general guideline.

Install Awnings Over Your Windows & Doors

Awnings are a highly effective way to keep a house cool in the summer by installing them over the sun-facing windows and doors. In addition to saving you money on air conditioning and protecting your indoor furniture from the sun, they can keep your home cool during Summer.

There are a variety of awnings on the market, such as retractable, portable, and stationary models, typically made of aluminum, cloth, or wood. Installing awnings should be your priority if you want to cool a room that faces the sun and balance your home’s temperature. 

Utilize Ceiling Fans Properly

Ceiling fans alone will not significantly reduce room temperature. However, when combined with an air conditioner, fans can be extremely beneficial. 

In the summer days, make sure your fan is rotating counter-clockwise. When you turn this direction, fans will force cooler air down towards you. By doing so, you can keep your home cooler on hot days to the maximum extent. 

Sharpen Your Green Thumb

It is no secret that plants play an important part in regulating the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. They can also have a comparable, but much less severe, effect on the temperature in your home. Plants will discharge water from their leaves when temperatures climb. 

Of course, not all houseplants will alter the temperature of your home, so choose plants that will cool it down. Additionally, some air-purifying plants help to enhance indoor air quality by eliminating dangerous contaminants.

Make Use of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are extremely useful, especially if you want to cool a space with no windows. Installing exhaust fans around your home will help to force out heated air from the inside, making room for fresh air from the outside. 

This strategy, however, works best when the indoor temperature is higher than the outside temperature. Not only does it eliminate the heated air from your home, but it also enables you to get rid of suffocation and inhale fresh air throughout your summer days and nights.


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