The Pros and Cons of Custom Web Development vs. Website Builders

Over the past few years, many business holders have had to adapt to the changes. They have to adapt to the changes to figure out the turn from where they can give their customers better services and products and keep on building profits. Those who are already doing online business need to make changes to deal with less capacity.

All retail businesses have to figure out how to sell their goods and services in the digital market and management behind the delivery services they provide.

Let’s learn about the pros and cons of web development and website builders.

But first, have a little talk about ‘What is Website development’.

What is Website development?

Website development is a systematic way to make professional websites for businesses. It provides various tools and techniques for developers. A developer is considered as the foundation of any website in making.

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Some Core Benefits of Website Development

  • User-friendly Design
  • Easy to Locate
  • SEO-friendly
  • Reaching out to more Customers
  • Build an Excellent yet Functional Design of Website
  • Boosts Sales and Revenue
  • Mobile-friendly and Responsive
  • Faster Loading Website

Some Pros and Cons of Custom Website Development


  1. Customize Your Needs: With custom website development, you have complete control over the design, layout, and functionality of your website. This means you can make a website that is perfectly customized to your business or personal brand.
  2. More Scalability: Custom websites are built with great scalability in mind. As your business grows, you can easily add new features and functionality to your website without having to start from zero.
  3. SEO optimization:  Custom websites are made while keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. This means your website will be fully optimized for all search engines, making it easier for customers to find you online.


  1. Cost: Custom website development can be expensive, particularly if you want difficult functionality or design elements. However, the cost of custom website development can be easily justified by the unique benefits it provides.
  2. Time-Taking: Custom website development is a time-taking process. From the first design concept to the final product, it can take a few weeks or even months to complete.

What is Website Builder?

It is a digital tool that makes it quite easy for anyone to make a website even after not having any knowledge of coding or graphic design. In general, website builders provide various templates or themes, so that you can decide to have an easy starting point.

Some Core Benefits of Website Builder

  • Faster working of the website
  • Less costly
  • You have control over the look
  • You don’t have to learn how to use coding
  • Quite easy for beginners to use
  • Allows site updating from anywhere
  • More flexible

Some Pros and Cons of Website Builder


  1. Cost-Effective: Site Builders are quite affordable compared to the upfront cost of a custom-designed/developed website. But you have to keep in mind that site builders add a lot of extra features and monthly fees on top of the base price.
  2. Automatic Server Management: Even if you know nothing about the technical side of websites, things such as domain name settings, server setup, and SSL certificates are all either handled automatically for you or they provide an easy-to-use interface to control things.
  3. No Need to Learn Code: One of the biggest strengths of site builders is that you don’t need to know any code to use their site editor. They add cool widgets that show a couple of products or blog posts or edit the general layout of the page.
  4. Make Quick Changes: Changes in design or adding or editing of pages can be shown on your site almost instantly. This is one of the biggest advantages if you know what needs to be edited.
  5. Customization Options:  They also provide some good options for customizing the designs. such as fonts colors, and images.


  1. Low Third-Party Integrations: Your company already manages your inventory, order fulfillment, lead tracking, or payments through some already existing service. Many site builders say they provide a way to integrate third-party integrations, your exact need might not be met by their “point-and-click” add-ons for your site.

To add them according to your need and requirements, you should know about  HTML, JavaScript, etc.

  1. Limited SEO Options: Although these site builders provide various ways to customize your site’s SEO, they don’t provide modified solutions for your specific business. Some site builders offer general suggestions to improve your SEO, but it’s not going to help in gaining the same results as an SEO expert to evaluate your site.
  2. Limited Technical Support: Site builders provide customer support and can help you with general issues, but will not help you in solving more complex issues such as dealing with adding custom integrations or editing custom code.
  3. Difficult to Move Away From If your business will grow and you need to move away from your site builder for any reason, unfortunately, these site builders don’t provide easy steps to export your site’s content.


The decision between custom website development and website builder depends on your needs and budget. If you have a specific idea for your website and are willing to invest in its development, custom website development can help you.


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